High Efficiency Heating Units

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Save On Energy

In order properly utiize energy in your property with consistent output more and more people are implementing high energy heating units into their home. Using a high efficiency water heating system to heat rooms is a great way to save 10-50% on energy & energy bills. It will also streamline energy use for the property as a whole. With such brands as Navien you’ll be able to rely on a well functioning heating system for years to come. These tankless units will get rid of the waste seen with standing water in tanks with directly driven water being transferred when faucets are turned on. If you’d like to learn more about high efficiency heating units in Saddle Brook, NJ don’t hesitant to contact our office at 551-257-6200 with Absolute Precision Plumbing and Heating. Speak with one of our plumbing contractors or call us at 855-462-2765 or 855 Go Absolute for emergency help!

How They Work

High energy heating units will be measured with higher SEER ratings, which measures the energy efficiency, over standard units. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) will require every air conditioner to have a SEER rating of 14 or higher, for reference some modern units have SEER ratings of 30 and higher. As far as how they work high efficiency water heaters take out energy from exhaust gases to heat water yet they differ by including a secondary heat exchanger which maximizes the heat transfer process. Here it will extract as much heat energy as possible but without the combustion process. Essentially there will be sealed combustion which means that the combustion process will take place inside a sealed compartment without open flame and heat loss. This takes place inside the tank itself and will be surrounded by the water which it will heat. With this, water will be able to heat faster as it’s being heated from the center out rather than from the bottom up. If you’d like to learn more about high efficiency heating units in Saddle Brook, NJ speak to our professionals today.

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Get Started

Absolute Precision Plumbing and Heating is here to provide you with energy efficient water heating solutions that will greatly benefit your property. Speak with one of our friendly staff to see what unit will work best for you. When you need secure and reliable high efficiency heating units in Saddle Brook, NJ count on our team. Call us at 551-257-6200 to speak with one of our plumbing contractors. For emergency help call us at 855-462-2765 or 855 Go Absolute.